The certification process

Complaints procedure

This procedure is established to ensure that complaints (including appeals) are processed and addressed in an orderly and timely manner. We appreciate any feedback that may help us to improve our work. All complaints are taken seriously, and we will do our utmost to perform according to what is expected from us.

​The process is valid for any complaint raised by a customer, potential customer or any stakeholder at large who have objection to our services, our decision in a certification process or way of operation.

A complaint is any objection to how we deliver our services and content of the services, how we organise and administer our work. This includes appeals on decisions made by DNV GL - Business Assurance, e.g. withdrawal of certificates, response to previous complaints.


A complaint shall always include as a minimum:
  • Name of the person filing the complaint
  • Company name (if relevant)
  • Post address and/or e-mail address
  • Reference to service, office, area etc.
  • The reason for the complain
  • Initiation 
  • A written complaint can be sent either as e-mail or by letter. For post and e-mail addresses see last chapter of the procedure.

 Initial handling

  • All complaints will be logged at the place of handling. 
  • A person responsible for the handling of the complaint will be appointed. 
  • An initial response will be sent to the complainant within 10 working days.

Actions taken 

The person responsible for handling the complaint shall organize an analysis and decide if an immediate or corrective action is needed. 

For recurring cases from the same complainant and for appeals impartial personnel will be used when applicable.

Written resolution

A written response to the complainant shall be prepared and forwarded.  The complainant shall be informed about possibility to escalate a complaint in case the response is not satisfactory.


Complaints addressing the performance of one of our customers will be forwarded to the customer for their considerations and response. All other complaints will be kept confidential unless otherwise agreed with the complainant.

Contact information

Unless a contact person is known for the complainant please contact us through the contact form or use the following address:  DNV GL Business Assurance (Norway) AS, Veritasveien 1, 1322 Høvik, Norway

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