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DNV is a world-leading provider of digital solutions for managing risk and improving asset performance

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DNV is a world-leading provider of digital solutions for managing risk and improving asset performance, with expertise in data management and analytics, QHSE, design and engineering, asset integrity and cyber security. Our digital asset ecosystems and software solutions support business-critical activities across many industries – for ships, pipelines, processing plants, offshore structures, renewables, electric grids, smart cities and more.

Solving technical challenges related to industrial assets

Our customers have for more than five decades relied on our ability to solve technical challenges related to industrial assets. Research, development, implementations and partnerships with our customers have earned us the position as a trusted third-party vendor of software and services.

We are accelerating the pace of transition toward the digitalization of systems and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to give customers the efficiency and flexibility of the cloud, including the power and insights from advanced analytics.

Veracity, the open industry platform

DNV's open open industry platform Veracity is driving down the cost of innovation and collaboration as well as the cost of deploying new services and solutions. The platform provides secure connectivity between industry players, connecting asset owners and operators with domain experts and data scientists, and enabling exchange of datasets, APIs, applications and insights.

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Veracity is an open and secure platform facilitating exchange of data sets, APIs, applications and insight.

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