EMC CE - Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive

CE-marking of products to ensure they do not cause excessive electromagnetic interference.

Electrical and electronic products with a risk for causing electromagnetic disturbances in their environment, must comply with the requirements of the ElectroMagnetic Compatibility Directive – EMC (2004/108/EC). The EMC directive requires products to be constructed so that they:

  • Do not cause excessive electromagnetic interference.
  • Are not unduly affected by electromagnetic interference.

Such interference may typical be radiated emission or conducted emission on power- and signal cables. Products are tested according to the relevant international standards to verify compliance with the requirements. The test results will together with other technical documentation form the basis for declaring conformity with the directive, and affixing the CE mark on the product. 

How can we help? 

We are designated by Norwegian authorities as a Notified Body for the EMC Directive, and can assist with conformity assessment of your product.With a dedicated EMC facility we are able to offer a complete EMC service.

We have a test center where you can test all aspects of your products.
Our facilities offer you:

  • Testing to all commonly used EN standards Test Facilities:
    o Two shielded semi-anechoic rooms: DC to 35 GHz
    o Emission systems: 20 Hz to 26 GHz
    o Radiated Immunity systems: 10 kHz to 18 GHz
    o Transient immunity systems: burst, surge and ESD 

  • Advisory:
    o Assisting the manufacturer in compiling required documentation for CE marking
    o Pre-compliance testing
    o EMC Management o Troubleshooting
    o Training of personnel, seminars
    o Installation practice