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Airport Express Train

Striving for excellence

Risk management software for safety

The Airport Express Train (Flytoget) is a successful Norwegian company - and award-winning at employee and customer satisfaction. They strive for excellence and put safety as the number one priority throughout the organization. The Airport Express Train carries travellers to Oslo Airport Gardermoen and emphasizes safety, puntuality and service. They use Synergi Life QHSE software to track all accidents, near misses and deviations.

Safety Advisor Odd Lynnebakken uses Synergi Life's Incident Management module from DNV on a daily basis, analyzing data in order to improve safety measures and routines in the organization. “We have used Synergi Life since the foundation of the company in 1998. It is a fantastic tool with a high degree of userfriendliness. It is easy to extract the exact data you need,” says Lynnebakken.

Safety first

Safety comes first and all managers have access to selected Key Performance Indicators extracted from Synergi Life.“We have made a dashboard with important safety statistics available on the intranet to all managers in the organization. This way, all decision-makers have easy access to the latest vital safety information at all times,” says Lynnebakken. When asked how many of the employees in the organization work with safety, Lynnebakken promptly replies: “We all work with safety. Our mantra is ‘safety, punctuality and service’ – and in that order,” he says.

“If a situation occurs that is out of the ordinary, all train personnel are trained to think safety first upon making a decision on what to do,” Lynnebakken says.

Data from the incident Management system is also used directly in the annual mandatory safety training programmes. “This gives the employees a healthy feeling of ownership and responsibility because the situations we discuss or rehearse are based on real occurrences reported by themselves,“ says Lynnebakken.

Incidents reported in the system also pertain to employee safety and thus contribute to the QHSE efforts in the organization. Earlier, there were many reports on back injuries and other small injuries among the train personnel. As a consequence, instructions on how to lift heavy luggage has since become part of the basic training of all train hosts. Since then the incident curve went down.

The most important advantage of a professional incident management system is increased efficiency and quicker decisionmaking. Having incidents well-documented makes it easier to achieve results in safety,” says Lynnebakken. “If reports start coming in about people crossing the train tracks in the same location, I can make a pretty good guess that the problem is a hole in a fence. I report this to the National Rail Administration backed by reports from the incident management program and action can be taken without further investigation,” Lynnebakken says.

The Norwegian National Rail Administration and the Norwegian State Railways also use Synergi Life, making it easy to transfer reports and compare statistics that generate a realistic picture of the problem or situation at hand.

Top reasons why we chose Synergi Life:

  • DNV made a fantastic tool with a high degree of user-friendliness
  • Easy to extract the exact data you need

This is what we gained:

  • A catalyst for increased efficiency and quicker decision-making
  • Reports and statistics generate a realistic picture of problems or a situation at hand


  • A high-speed train for passengers to and from Oslo Airport - Gardermoen, with Drammen being the end station on the West side
  • Reaches to date a top speed of 210 km/h
  • Total numbers of travellers in 2006 was 4.9 million

Download and read the full customer story

  Airport Express Train - Flytoget

Airport Express Train - Flytoget

Download and read the full customer story

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